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  • Newbie from South NJ

    Hello. I just took up golf, my wife got my 6 lessons for xmas. I took one about 2 weeks ago. I never played golf other that going to the driving range once or twice. After my lesson, i've been to the range twice. It seems i have a very nasty slice when i hit the ball. If i don't hit the ball solid, it seems i hit the ground first then the ball, which may be causing me to hit a lot of ground balls to the 2nd baseman.

    I know it will take time, and i am ok with that, but if anyone has any drills i can do, to help with either or both issues that would be great.

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    Re: Newbie from South NJ

    Hey Klein,
    Try this start with your P/W and stick a Tee in the ground about 3 inches in front of the ball, and take an nice easy swing umm about 75 % and hit your ball and see where your divot is. If its behind the ball then of course you are hitting ground first, but if your divot is ahead of the tee then you are making contact with ball first. Which is a real good thing.

    Hope this helps



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      Re: Newbie from South NJ

      Take Cali's drill, and couple it with hitting the inside quarter of the ball.

      You'll 'slice no more' in no time.