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The Secret Golf Tips For The Amateurs

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  • The Secret Golf Tips For The Amateurs

    All the beginners at first feel frustrated playing this game. Really, looking at golf professionals we think, why, it's so simple. I will learn to do it without big efforts'. But when you start, you understand that the game is rather complicated. This article is mainly devoted to the beginners, who need some good golf tips.

    The First Experience

    It may make you really upset. You are disappointed in your score, your putts are done badly, to put it mildly. You start to think you will never learn bunker play. Little by little, your mood is worsening, you lose sense of humor and, finally, you become so irritated that you want to swear out loud. Some mates who play with you may try to explain to you what is better to do. But such golf tips are not professional, and sometimes they are mutually contradictory. So, rely on yourself and start with following...

    Some Golf Tips for the Beginners.

    So, what to start with? No doubt, you need some good quality instruction at first. You should look for several instructors and talk to them. That is necessary, for you shouldn't choose the first instructor you find, because his teaching style may not match your style of learning. That is why you need an opportunity to decide between two or more variants.

    The next thing is attending series of lessons. One or two studies will not help. You need to practice under the direction of the instructor as long as possible. If you can't afford it for this or that reason you may resort to self-education with the use of DVD's and books, which also offer some useful golf tips. Nowadays there is also plenty information on how to learn to play golf on the Internet.

    Appropriate equipment is also sufficient. First of all, it applies to the set of golf clubs you hit the ball with. You need different types of clubs for definite purposes during the game. The clubs should be qualitative and solid. It must be said, that a set of brand new clubs costs a lot, so you may buy some used clubs for the first time.

    You should pay more attention to your pitching, putting and chipping than to the driver. And finally, you should have a mental game plan. It is important to realize that golf is a game where you should limit the amount of bad shots and enjoy the good ones.

    In conclusion it should be said that following golf tips you are given will help you to determine your own counsel on how to play better. You will learn what you manage to do sumptuously and what your weak points are. You will be no more frustrated for you will know what exactly you should work on.

    Article Author: Dane Stanton
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    Re: The Secret Golf Tips For The Amateurs

    good find and a lot of useful information there.

    other things that IMO i think are important is to get your handicap as quickly as possible and then play in comps. more so for the fact that if this is the road you want to take you have to get use to playing in comp conditions. the pressures and mind games are so much different than having a social hit with your friends.

    practice is another key element. for me practice is match day, but when i get the chance to have a round by myself i'll play my main ball, then 1 other if i've done a bad shot "to get it right" so to speak. this of course will depend on how busy your course is.

    definately work on putting, followed by your short game (inside 150m) then chipping.

    get a set of clubs that are made for you. they don't have to be expensive, but getting clubs that are made to your height, swing speed and club angle etc, etc will get you started down the right path and you'll be able to hold onto them longer until your game picks up.

    don't worry about buying big brand name balls when you first start out, they will be a waste of money for you at this time, but buy the cheaper balls and stick with them. they will help with consistancy in putting, driving, chipping and short game.. well everything. you'll know how the ball will react each time you hit it... keep everything simple.

    lessons are a personal thing, but you should have your first one after 2 months of playing the game, that way you'll be able to hit the ball when you go to see the tutor, but not have too many bad habits, he can sort that out for you first time around. depending on the type of lesson you have i would give it atleast 3 - 5 weeks before your 2nd as it will take you about 4 games to work your previous lessons instructions into your game and control what you have learnt.

    we all do it, but trying to hit the cover off the ball on every shot is probably the #1 BAD thing in golf. take nice easy relaxed shots, you may hit it shorter than other players around you but you want to try and hit the ball straight.

    think about it. tiger woods can hit his drive over 300yards, but if he hit 300yards left or right, slice or snap hook he would lose a stroke trying to get out of the prediciment he just put himself in and wouldn't be a world class golfer. and on the average 13 holes using your driver in a round thats 13 extra shots.

    my 2c