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  • Hello from a noob

    Well i took the plunge 2 months since and bought a set of clubs the idea beinga bit of exercise and some fun. Wow this game gets you hooked quickly doesnt it. I started with a few trips to the driving range with a mate who told me my iron and short game were going to be my strengths. So after around 4 range trips i made the plunge and went on the course a Par 70 which i shot 119 but had 4 drives out of bounds costing me 8 shots grrrrr. The next round i shot 117 so an improvement at least lol. Round 3 came around quickly and i managed 113 in very heavy rain a little thunder and lkightning so i was pleased. My next 2 rounds were at a different course where i posted a 108 and 3 days later a 107.
    I no longer use my driver i use a 3i or 5i off the tee and usually manage around 150-160. with my other irons i am pretty accurate and have a set of mizuno wedges i purchased after the MP-R i love them chipped in on the 18th first round i had them 2nd round chipped in an absolute stunner from 15 yards was like something off the TV.
    Anyway im going on but my question is do these scores seem about right for a noob like me and are my distances ok (i know im working on my swing like crazy) 3i 160, 5i 145, 7i 130, 9i 110, pw 100, sw 65, 60 degree 35 yards i can hit my driver around 200 at the range but just slice it on the course.
    Thanks for bearing with me i cant wait for my next round lol

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    Re: Hello from a noob

    Your scores are fine, in fact they are good for someone starting out.

    Don't concern yourself with distance and your driver at the moment, just keep on doing what you are doing now and focus on making good contact with the ball and enjoying your self. Don't forget to practice putting, that's an important part of lowering your score.

    Sounds like the bug has bitten you


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      Re: Hello from a noob

      lol it certainly has bit im loving it and yes my putting is my weak part im averaging 40 putts per round at the moment and an average 2.2 per whole bearing in mind i chipped in twice so far. The reason i know all this is because i have written a program to track everything including my driving accuracy etc it tells me average for everything. Thought it would be a good tool to track my progress have managed 4 pars in 5 rounds and missed 3 birdie putts so im happy but want more lol.


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        Re: Hello from a noob

        Well shot a 105 today on the course that my previous best was 113, had 4 pars but missed 2 birdie putts, took 4 less puts on the day than my average. Had a great 46 front nine but i have a major cold and ran out of steam and shot 59 on back 9 was well upset was on to break 100. All in all though game was a lot better hit several GIR.


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          Re: Hello from a noob

          your scoring is good for someone just starting out.. next thing you gotta do is join a golf course and get a handicap though not needed for social golf and if your just out there to have fun which by the sounds of it your having a ball.... keep up teh good work..

          as with distances off your clubs. i really wouldn't worry about that at the moment, it's more important to know what club hits what distance and hitting it straight.

          work on chipping and putting and there is no reason you can't start shooting 90's.


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            Re: Hello from a noob

            I am having an absolute ball wish id started 10 years since lol.

            I have been working on my swing and also looked at my distances and have a better understanding of which club to use although not long they are now more in proportion

            3i - 160-165
            5i - 150-155
            6i - 140-145
            7i - 130-135
            8i - 120-125
            9i - 110-115
            pw - 95-105
            52 - 80-90
            56 - 70-75
            60 - 50-60

            So im a lot happier knowing what club to use hit 2 screamers with a 6i from around 130-140 faded round trees on both occasions to land on the green within 10ft. My playing partners couldt believe it lol.