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    Hello all,

    How does one go about practicing at the driving range? Do you hit every club a certain amount of time? Do you focus on one club and your swing? Do you practice only chipping? Does it depend on how much time you have available?

    I've recently had a couple of days that I devoted to golf. I started with putting for about 30 minutes, moved over to the chipping area for 30 minutes, and then to the range and hit 10 balls each w-5, 3W, driver. I then played 9 holes, took a break, and played 9 more. Scores and general incompetence were about the same and it was the same 9 holes both times.

    These days are rare for me as usually I have about an hour to devote to practice and I hardly ever have time to hit before playing. What do you do when you just have about an hour to devote to practice?

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    Re: Practice Procedure

    Putting, and the rest of my short game gets most of my attention when practicing. Probably around 70% of my practice time is devoted to those two areas. Of that 70%, my putting gets about 60% of the time spent on my short game.

    That leave 30% of my total practice for my long game, and/or my range time. I don't hit the same clubs every time I am on the driving range. Most days I don't practice with my driver. Most of my range time is spent hitting certain distances which are 100, 150, and 200 yard shots. I figure if I can hit those 3 clubs well, the in between clubs also be taken care of.

    A couple of more things. When ever I hit a ball I always have a target that I am aiming for. That target might be a driving range flag, or it could be an area on the green I want my chip/pitch to land on. The other thing is I am constantly practicing on, are the harder shots. I figure if I can hit the tougher lies well, the good lies are nothing to worry about.

    In case you want to know how much actual time I spend practicing, it could any where from 30 minutes to two hours. Just depends on what I need to work on. Everyones' practice routine will not match up with everyone else's. You just practice they way need to in order to improve. GJS


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      Re: Practice Procedure

      Depends on the purpose of your practice. Right before a round, i'll probably spend half the time putting and chipping, and the rest on full shots, every club. But for a general practice, I'd set up a specific goal (balance, tempo, plane, shaping shots, controlling trajectory, getting more distance, specific swing positions, etc.) and work on it till i make progress.