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  • Hello and quick question

    just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to golf, been at it now for 3 months and have to say I am hooked. Got myself a decent set of clubs and played a few courses. My game is pretty standard and done a lot of practise with my Driver as I'm sure every newbie has and have put together a decent swing with the majority of my drives hitting the fairway about 200/220yards down.

    My question relates to my irons as I have just came across an article about hitting down on the ball. Now I understand the concept of it but the question that I have is on address does your hands have to be in front of the club face? So that on impact your hands are still forward of the club face?

    Also should my driver swing be the same as my iron swing? As in same path e.t.c

    I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your answers

    best regards


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    Re: Hello and quick question

    Hi Darren,

    Check out the 3 Skills threads on the forum they will give you some idea regarding your irons question. Yes for good crisp striking the hands are infront of the ball/clubhead at impact. However this does not mean push your hand forwards at address. This can be a recipe for disaster. I know I have been there.

    Like I said check the threads, then if interested in what you read get the book. It is very clear and concise.




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      Re: Hello and quick question

      I second Roberts post, 3 Skills and the book 'Nail It' will probably help you alot with your ball striking.

      Regarding the driver, it is used a little different in that the ball is played more towards the lead foot and your hands would normally be level with the clubhead at impact.


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        Re: Hello and quick question

        You do well to ask the question. Many play for years w/o even considering the necessity of ball first contact then turf and struggle to improve because of it. The advice here is really good. Stay with it and make it a primary golf objective until until it's a natural part of your swing along with replacing your divots when it is.