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    Hey guys need some help. I think that I need some help transferring my weight. Lets see what you think. I hit my irons as follows. Now this is not all the time as I am a streaky hitter my distances are in yards.
    56 Wedge 50-60
    PW 90-110
    9 Iron 110-125
    8 Iron 125-140
    7 Iron about 150
    6 Iron about 150
    5 Iron about 150

    As you can see I hit my short irons decent but I really lose power when I get to my long irons. My only thought is that I have a big swing arc (I am a tall guy about 6'6") and I am only using my arms. Any suggestions or drills I can do to fix this and do you guys think that this is my problem. Thanks

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    Re: Need help

    I think your problem is related to not striking the ball well, whether this is due to weight shift is not possible to say with the information you have given.

    Normally poor weight shift will create inconsistent contact, thick and thin shots. The way you are loosing distances with longer clubs may well be due to you swatting your wrists at the ball, this will normally create a high weak ball flight.

    Can you give some more information please?


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      Re: Need help

      Just a few rambling thoughts, but I see me when I started.
      I don't know if this will help, but I'm taller 6'2" and slender with a higher center of gravity and always have trouble controlling my swing unless I complete my back swing and allow my weight to transfer back. W/O a lower center of gravity, I just have to take my time and not rush things like a shorter person might get away with. It's strange but true, but it's harder to get my natural tempo and full weight shift forward unless everything is allowed to shift back on a full swing.

      For me, coordinating and getting full benefit of the power from the forward weight shift is better realized, and I tend to hit longer fairway clubs longer than I ever thought, with much less effort when I allowed this to happen. Even if you think, you're only using you arms, if you have any sports experience, bring it to the table, whether it be throwing a baseball or skimming rocks off a pond...the weight shift should occur full, naturally and w/o too much over focus on hitting at but though the ball.

      The club squares much more naturally with less manipulation as's a no brainer. When I'm playing my worse, it's usually when I'm too focused on getting back to the ball too early and not being patient. I think ,we think the ball isn't going to be there when we take too much time; I don't ain't going no where till your ready....The margin or error is much greater, more consistent contact and even off center struck balls get the benefit of a square club face and lots of power.
      Hope it helps..this swing thought does me .
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        Re: Need help

        i think Brian has it right, the distance on your short irons are not bad, whats happening with the longer irons is that your clubhead speed is probably at the start of the downswing rather than at the ball. ideally the club head speed should accelerate into the ball. certainly could be due to losing the wrist angle set at the top of the backswing too early.


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          Re: Need help

          Yeah what you guys said is absolutely correct. Found out that I was leading with my arms instead of using my hips to start the downswing. I'm starting to come around though it is just taking a lot of range time. Also found out that I had been holding the club wrong with my right hand. After fixing that I hit the ball like I had never hit it before. Thanks for all the advice.