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  • Another new golfer

    As the title says I am another new golfer. My new brother in-law took me out on the golf course about 6mos ago and I fell in love with Golf. I`ve always been pretty good at sports but i`m fail at this one lol. I went out and bought my self some cheap golf clubs at walmart without even looking into what I actually needed. I did not think there was much to golf, I figure I could hit a baseball very well I do ok at golf. Well now it is 6mos later and here what my problems are

    I use to have a major problem with slicing my driver. After watching the golf channel and reading here and there my ball goes straight or I hook it once in awhile. All though my slice is gone and when I hit it well I`m reaching 250+ yrs I seem to topping the ball more often or hitting the ground before i reach the ball. I`ve been told I bend my elbow, wrong grip, fast tempo, etc. With my irons I seem to do the same thing. Could this be my clubs also? I`m 6`0ft 200lbs and i`m 28yrs old if that means anything. I think i have to much flex on my clubs??? Or not enough lol. On my pitching shots I seem to over drive the green or I top the ball. Can anyone recommend some tips or info?

    I know there's books and video's out there but i`m not sure which to buy or if lessons will even help this.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Another new golfer

    Get a course of lessons. Sounds like you need to sort out some fundamentals.


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      Re: Another new golfer

      I would also suggest lessons - online courses, tutorials, books etc have some value espesically with specific techniques and refinement but you can't beat getting out there with your local pro and hitting the ball about during lessons - in my experience you get far more out if it that way.