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newbie need help getting new set of clubs

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  • newbie need help getting new set of clubs


    I just started playing and just finished full swing lesson not long ago. just realized that i can hit with my iron sets quite straight considering that i'm pretty new to the game. when i start hitting with my driver or hybrid it doesn't seem that i can hit it properly. (it might be due to the different shaft between iron set and my driver or hybrid club)

    need some advise on choosing the right driver and hybrid club (flex, degree, stiff, regular)?


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    Re: newbie need help getting new set of clubs

    Hello and welcome to GTO.

    Just about all new golfers have difficulty using the driver and longer clubs. I would suggest leaving the driver at home for the first year and only take a 3 or 5 wood as your longest club, make sure you only swing the longer clubs at the same speed as your 9 iron, the length of shaft creates the speed. Also have the ball further forward in your stance, say two or three inches inside your left heel with these clubs, the shallower swing plane will sweep the ball off the ground rather than hitting down at it.

    I hope this helps.