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What is Torque?

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  • What is Torque?

    Could anyone tell me what torque is on a golf club? I heard it mentioned in the clubhouse the other day and had no clue as to what the guys were talking about.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: What is Torque?

    Torque is term to define the amount a shaft will twist (not bend - that's flex) during a swing.

    The amount of torque is directly proportionate to the amount of twist.

    Nearly all shafts are 'low torque' when compared to shafts of old. A high torque shaft will allow the clubhead to twist more than a low torque shaft.

    The low torque shaft will help keep the clubhead square longer.


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      Re: What is Torque?

      Straight from a glossary this one......

      Torque - expressed in degrees, this measurement explains the shafts resistance to twisting when a force is applied. The lower the torque rating, the more resistant the shaft is to twisting. Steel golf shafts have very low torque values however, all graphite / composite shafts will have established torque values.

      As far as I know most graphite shafts these days are low torque. Although I think that UST in particular state which of their shafts are particularly low torque so you can choose the most accurate for you.