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  • Hi All

    This is my first post on this forum, and hope to make many more as I improve.

    Its my first time taking up golf only this week. I have been to the range twice now after purchasing a second hand golf set. Second hand purchase to be sure it`s a sport I want to learn and take up for a hobby.

    I know it`s aerly stages yet and I have never swung a golf club, but been down the range blasting a few balls about all over the place literaly.
    Can`t get the hang of hitting the ball instaed of the grass, I do hit the ball more often than not, but occasionaly I smack the grass bringing up a great tuff. The ball also tends to stray to the left or right, never straight and where I want it to go.

    I started off on the wrong foot I think, thinking I could give the ball a good smack, which Is what I started doing and it travel a good distance and in the direction I wanted it. This proved to be the wrong method of learning. So I have started just chipping balls to a flag with a wedge, untill I get use to hitting a ball and not the ground. It also improved my ball direction.

    I don`t expect to be a good golf player right away, and know that this is going to take sometime, before I am confident enough to play a round of golf. But they say practise makes perfect, so the range will do for now untill I improve from this day.

    Hope to have some improvements to report on my next post.

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    Re: Hi All

    Hi ft,

    Ha, one of the most infuriating things with golf is that you can make 2 swings that feel exactly the same and yet one goes nowhere (or worse you don't even make contact) while the other disappears dead straight into the distance!

    Striking the ball rather than the turf is just a matter of practise. You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be doing this. The key here being a consistant swing. When you start swinging the club the same way each time, everything else will fall into place :-)

    Most people would recomment that you go and get some lessons to prevent you getting bad habits and to understand the basics of what you are trying to do. Personally I never did as as long as I felt that I understood what I was doing right or wrong, then I would learn faster. It's worked for me so far :-)

    Glad to see you on here and hope to hear more from you as you progress.