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  • Grass Or Mats

    Being very new to the world of Golf, which would be more beneficial to me for practising on.

    At my local golf club, I have the option of practising on the mats or the grass.
    I have tried both, but found the mats helped me more.
    But would I be getting a false sence of achievment using the mats, and when it come to practice on grass I go back to my early stages again of digging up the turf.

    Would I be better suited to continue using both taking it in turn on each visit to the practise range, or would I be better of sticking the the grass area.

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    Re: Grass Or Mats

    hi fatlad,
    stick with the grass mate thats what you are hitting off on the course.
    learn to set up properly so that you are not hitting your shots fat.
    range mats are too forgiving so you are not getting the feedback to help you improve.


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      Re: Grass Or Mats

      Thanks for that slater, I will work on grass from now on.
      I also purchased a golf net so I can practice on the back yard at home.



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        Re: Grass Or Mats

        Grass , every time
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