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  • good driver to start with

    I bought a john daly 540 cc driver today and i can really crank it out there
    but wondering should i try to learn hitting a 360-420 cc driver.

    The 540 cc driver seems to make it way too easy and i may learn bad habits due to the forgiving size of the clubhead

    any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Re: good driver to start with

    Um .. you might have a problem ... the largest driver allowed the rules now is 460cc. I'll check tomorrow for you and give you a definate on that but I'm pretty sure.

    So, you need to get to a 460cc or under anyway.

    But by and large if you're a beginner you need the biggest, meanest driver you can get your hands on fitted with a shaft that fits your swing speed and torque you generate.


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      Re: good driver to start with

      yeh the max size is 460 cc with 10cc tolerance!
      so im sorry to say it but your driver is illegal for comps but is fine for anything else

      hope this helps



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        Re: good driver to start with

        I've found that the most importatnt thing with a driver is the shaft. The head technology is very similar in clubs now with them all using beta-titanium.

        My first driver was a SkyMax Pulse 360cc. It was very cheap but still had a beta-titanium head but unlike other cheap drivers had a superb shaft (UST Proforce graphite). It sounded like a shotgun going off when you hit it, and while it wasn't as forgiving as newer 360cc drivers, it did me proud for years and has only recently been replaced.