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Why did you start golfing?

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    Congrats on joining the game.

    Sounds like you are truly hoooked on the game. It's great fun and a way to get out of the office, enjoy some sunshine and meet new people... I write a blog for women who are just taking up the game. You might find it a good spot to browse. Also have a free ebook for the beginning golfer that you can download. Check it out when you have a chance at - And welcome again to the great game of golf.

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    I'm 28, and until a year ago the idea of playing golf never appealed to me at all. My brother-in-law would always badger me about taking it up, and I'd always wonder what's so appealing about gettting up in the early hours of a sunday morning to spend 4 hours walking about a field in the freezing cold.

    My father-in-law broke his back, so I lent his clubs one day and went for a try at a small par 3 practice course. I went back again the folowing week and within a month I had my own shiny new clubs.

    My first full round at a proper course (Matfen Hall, Northumberland) was great. My brother-in-law took me up and I thouroughly enjoyed it. A year on and I'm still thrashing around the courses every other week, and planning on having lessons in the spring.


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      Re: Why did you start golfing?

      I started playing golf because one of my friend invited me to come and have some fun. At that time i was a little bored, so i decided why not have some experience in playing golf. So, starting that day, i learn to like it. every weekend me and my friend will play golf.