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Getting It Closer Putting From Long Range

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  • Getting It Closer Putting From Long Range

    My last round of golf was pretty good and I was able to hit most greens in regulation. However, with a number of long distance putts say over 20 feet I struggled to get the right distance and came up short on a number of occasions.

    Just wondering if any members had some good tips or drills for better distance control on long range putts.


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    Re: Getting It Closer Putting From Long Range

    practice lots until its automatic..... then on the course get out of the way of yourself consciously. About 10,000 hours of practice is about the norm to become an expert in something - (Gladwell,2008)


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      Re: Getting It Closer Putting From Long Range

      What works best for me is ensuring I putt using the same rhythm and speed on all putts. I can then adjust the length of putt by the distance I swing the club back and through. It's not a bad idea to measure the swing length in relation to your feet. 3 foot putts say inside to inside the feet, 5 footers outside to outside, 8 footers knee to knee etc.

      I always follow a pre putt shot routine and part of this is to make a few practice swings while looking at the hole, this gives me a feel for the weight.

      Before a game I like to go to the putting green and drop a line of four balls around three feet apart. I then try to roll them exactly up to the cut line on the green, this gives me a great feel for the green without the pressure of having to hole the ball. I then place a tee on the cut line and try putting the balls close up to the tee to work on distance and line, again without the negativity of missing the hole. I then imagine the tee sat just behind the hole when making my real putt.
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