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Crazy Knees in pitching

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  • Crazy Knees in pitching

    Hi Guys and Ladies,

    I play off +1 but it is purely down to my driving and putting. i am averaging 85%+ fairways on a tight course and 28 putts, but when it comes to pitching I am useless! years of neglect have forced me to believe I can't do it! However,

    I did some work on the range last night and saw a few technical faults but am not too sure how to get rid of them! the backswing is fine and on plane, on the downswing however I get into a whole world of trouble...this includes my left leg straightening before impact and my right leg almost collapsing which makes my body open up far too early, which in turn makes my hands work too much and I almost over release in a pitch shot! a proper flip!

    It is very embarrising when I get the ball out there and only score well becauase I can hit the par 5s and a couple of 4s in two and one respectively

    If someone could give me a drill to fix any of the faults I would be most greatful!

    thanks very much

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    Re: Crazy Knees in pitching

    Hi and welcome to GTO.

    Without getting into too much technical detail I would suggest getting yourself a copy of Phil Mickelson book or DVD for Christmas

    I remodeled my pitching/flop/chip shots based on his 'Hinge and Hold' method and it has not only improved these shots it has widened the range of my short game.

    I hope this helps you.


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      Re: Crazy Knees in pitching

      sound like to much right wrist ,,,your forearm is what rotates, your wrist work up and down, I am an instructor and what I see is most golfers stop their body pivot ,which puts the brakes on the arms and basically make the hands flip though because the clubhead still has momentum .you hear firm left wrist all the time well if the pivot stops its impossible to keep the left wrist firm cuz the left arm runs into a wall ,,,,the body , make the force of your pivot the gauge for how far the shot goes and i think you will see and improvement,dagoos