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Putting up-hill or side-hill

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  • Putting up-hill or side-hill

    When the putting line is not flat but you are putting up-hill or side-hill, there are an infinite number of different putting lines with different ball speeds all ending into the cup.

    With a higher ball speed you can aim more directly, the ball curves less in the beginning and you probably have a higher probability to avoid the second putt.

    With a slower ball speed you must aim further away from the cup, the ball curves more, but you probably also have a higher probability to avoid the third and fourth putts.

    The easiest path also depends on the distance to the cup: You shoot a short putt straight into the cup with higher speed rather than curve it with minimal speed.

    Does anyone have any statistical information which is the better way to minimize putts?

    Does that depend on how good a putter you are in general? Or some other factors?

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    Re: Putting up-hill or side-hill

    Off the top of my head I'm sure that information is in Dave Pelz My Putting Bible.

    The dude analyzes everything from every angle.


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      Re: Putting up-hill or side-hill

      No doubt there, I can't actually get into Pelz's work although he is a genius. I have his short game bible, I just can't focus long enough. I loaned it to a mate and you can tell the benefit he has gained.


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        I'm pretty sure the pro's always go for the firmer stroke to enable less break in the putt. However, we are not all as good a putter as they are and probably aren't always as confident about making the putt coming back if you miss the first time.


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          Re: Putting up-hill or side-hill

          You (OP) talk about an infinite number of different putting lines and that with higher ball speed there is less curve than with slower ball speed.

          The way I usually try to deal with this is I try to putt at a speed that will leave a missed put one foot beyond the hole regardless of the slope uphill, down hill and/or side hill. This eliminates a lot of the infinite number of putting lines.