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  • Plugged Bunker Shots

    My last couple of rounds I've unfortunately found myself with a couple of plugged bunker lies.

    From what I have learned and performed myself the best way to play this shot is:-

    * Square the clubface at address instead of the normal open face
    * Play the ball more towards the back of the stance
    * Weight forward on your lead leg
    * Play the shot with more of a stabbing, descending blow

    The result should be the ball popping out with a lot of over spin

    Interested to hear other members thoughts on how they play this shot?

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    Re: Plugged Bunker Shots

    I was taught pretty much the same method that you described except that instead of just squaring the face, toe it in closed a bit. Then play the stabbing, descending blow with the toe of the club hitting the sand first. The club face will square as the toe hits into the sand and pop the ball out.


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      Re: Plugged Bunker Shots

      Ditto, and maybe use a lob wedge instead of sand wedge......more loft and less bounce.


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        Re: Plugged Bunker Shots

        If you play a standard sand shot the bounce will allow the leading edge to hit the ball when plugged and thin it. I would also use a lob wedge and get the leading edge to cut under the ball, I also like the method of closing the face a little and aiming a little right with the ball a little further back in the stance.
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          Re: Plugged Bunker Shots

          Once saw a Laura Davies video tip on this topic;

          From memory, she also recommends "hooding" or closing the face and gripping the club really lightly so as to allow the club to turn in your hands as the shot is played. I've tried it on occasion and it seems to work ok.

          Will see if I can find a youtube link or some such....