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Right handed putting.

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  • Right handed putting.

    I was practicing putting on the practice tee before going out for a game, I normally do this for around 15 minuits. I had three balls lined up in front of me when someone came over and started talking about a new golf club they had bought, After a few minuits while talking I casually stroked a ball while holding the putter in my right hand only, the ball rolled around 25 feet into the hole, he said that was impressive so I stroked another the same way and it dropped in again, I then hit the third which stopped an inch to the side. When he left I continued practicing around the green using this method at different distances and slopes and was amazed at how well I putted, The stroke feels so free and smooth. When I finished my game I went back to the green and tried it again with some more impressive results.

    I will try this again this week and maybe take it out on the course. I will report back on the results

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    Right handed putting.

    Yes Brian, I have a friend that practices his putting like this before his rounds. I haven't tried it myself but am interested to see how the results go. I imagine after doing this for a few minutes when you take the normal grip the stroke must feel just that much smoother.