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Getting line and pace on a putt?

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  • Getting line and pace on a putt?


    I have seen alot of pros that line the logo of their ball on where they want to start their putt rolling on after having look from a crouching position behind the ball. When I do this I miss most of the time. I cant seem to judge the pace or line right. But if I am addressing the ball and looking at the line of the putt from there and trying to "feel" the line and pace I seem to get more putts. Do you think I should keep doing what is getting me the most putts at the moment or try and adopt using the logo lineup method? Is there maybe something I could practice to get better at this lining up method? Or is it just a case of practising this method more?



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    I personnaly don't like the line-on-the-ball method. It seems to take me out of the speed zone, like you said. That line is just too much in front thoughts and takes me out of the thought of getting the speed right.

    What I use as a line (as it were) is a spot about 4-6 inches in from of my ball. I lined it up from behind, guessing the break, then find something visable in that line. Then setup square to that point and try to putt over it. That way, I can have the "all white" part of the ball looking at me with no distractions. It's what works for me.

    Others sware by the line. Great. As long as the distance is consistant.

    This is my drill on putting good distance here
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