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thirty uphill chip

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  • thirty uphill chip

    Does anybody have a solution to the thirty metre chip shot to a raised green. I either land half way up the slope and stop or land on the green and roll through.

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    Pitching to a raised green

    Hi smerf,

    This can be a tricky shot to judge. The most important point to remember here is to be positive with whatever shot you choose. All to often I see players try and attempt a shot such as this and either quit on the shot or get quick on it and thin it through the back of the green. So firstly choose exactly the spot where you want to pitch the ball and select the club that will allow the ball to hit that spot and roll out to the hole - this will depend of course on the severity of the slope, length of the fringe, softness of the ground and so on. Experiment a little and find the type of shot that you are most comfortable with, whether it be a high shot with a lob wedge or a low punch shot into the bank with a 7 iron for example. There is no right or wrong way of playing the shot but there are more efficient ways of playing it depending on the conditions.

    For example: if the ground is very wet and soggy and the fringe long, it would be advisable to take these out of the picture by playing a high lob shot and pitching the ball straight onto the green, thus eliminating the obstacles. Likewise, if the green is very firm and sloping away from you it may be better to play a bump and run (low) type shot up the hill trying to let the ball just trickle onto the green!