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Titleist AP 2s - KBS Tour Shafts

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  • Titleist AP 2s - KBS Tour Shafts

    Finally bit the bullet...

    had been pondering for sometime as to what Irons I would finally choose, the AP2s & the Mizuno MP53s got my attention, I also tried the Mizuno JPX 800 pro's which didnt really light my fire at all.

    So, After taking the demo Ap2 & MP53 out on the course both 6 iron clubs only, I really couldnt make my mind up which was better, although I was leaning slightly to the APs as they seemed very slightly more forgiving. The flight and distance seemed the same also, could also work the ball with both.

    So, of to the belfry I went for a custom fit ( as I live locally) which was very comprehensive, there was no rushing the fit by Chris the pro who carried out the fit. He was very helful and knowledgable, tried different shaftd etc in both APs & Mizuno's - what was interesting was the shafts I tried. The pro said I was border line Reg/stiff, I have always used reg shafts. I tried the Dynamic Gold R & the new KBS R. Now the distance and flight was very much the same with both shafts although the KBS felt much easier to use and appeared to give more carry although the launch monitor indicated they were the same.

    Therefore, I purchased the AP2s KBS regular shafts. D|elivery is in 2 weeks time, I do hope they turn out to be worth the cost.

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    Re: Titleist AP 2s - KBS Tour Shafts

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