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Too Much Gravel in Bunker!! opinions please

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  • Too Much Gravel in Bunker!! opinions please

    Hi all,

    Opionions welcomed.

    I played the final 36 holes today in our clubs medal comp which is played over 36 holes on consecutive days. I found myself in the green side bunker on our second hole, whilst surveying the shot in hand i noticed there were a lot of gravel in around my ball, I showed this to my playing partners who both agreed with me that there should not be lots of gravel in the bunker, you expect a few stones here and there but not hundreds of them. Any way I moved the gravel away from my ball, the ball almost seemed teed up once I had finished all within the rules of golf.

    I then played my shot, the ball flew over the green and into a ditch where I had take a drop. resulting finally in 8 shots on a par 4 I was furious. beneath my ball was 100% gravel which formed a soak away.In all fairness thorough the round I went in 3 more bunkers and got up and down from all. ( Lost the club comp by 5 shots ouch)

    Whats your thoughs guys gals

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    Re: Too Much Gravel in Bunker!! opinions please

    That is a really tough break and it seems unfair. I presume your club has a local rule allowing removal of stones from bunkers but that doesn't deal with the situation you found yourself in. The Rules of Golf seem to deal with a cover on a drain in a bunker as an immovable obstruction and provide relief but not in your case where the drain is buried. I guess that's just golf.