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  • farewell

    I have been complaining about post problems for what feels like 2 months, maybe it is.Some days It becomes a tiring chore continually battling with the problems of staying logged on. I was away due to illness for a while,when I came back Ted and several others I enjoyed open ,and PM discussions with are gone. There is a very noticeable drop in forum participation. I,like others, enjoy membership in other forums. I have decided to rationalise things and say goodbye. Thank you all for your help freely given and I hope I have been of some use to

    Warm Regards, Peter

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    Re: farewell


    I know you have been experiencing problems with connection to the site, I am sorry that the help I tried to give didnt sort it. I don't believe anyone else is getting these problems so maybe its something relating to your firewall?

    I am sorry you are leaving as you have been a very active member of the forum. Anyhow, good luck with your golf and I hope you drop by now and again.
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