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    Onya mate your patience and hard work is paying off, the site is lifting like a veritable phoenix from the ashes. You have your winter coming soon don't you? That should bring in some by force and other fair weather players,so it all looks good. I can't tell you enough how happy this makes me feel. I joined here shortly after finding the game(20yrs too late) and have found it to be a wonderfully accepting community and I have learned so much here. Ted spent many of his available hours instructing me and referring me to helpful sites. As did many others, you included Brian. I will try to talk to some others again and see if they will come back to this revitalized site. I am wondering if you could PM me Teds email address. I mean the worst that can happen is he doesn't answer.Any way again goodonyou
    Warm Regards Pete

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    Re: Onya Brian

    Thank you Pete, you are a good member and have helped a lot with keeping the site moving on.

    I dont have Ted's Email. His name on the site was 'Rotator' all you can do is send him a PM and see if he replies, I have tried a few times with no responce. I hope he is well.