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  • TAGS Explained

    You will have noticed a new field (Tags) when making a new thread.

    So what are they?

    I've installed a new plugin from Zoints which is basically a network bookmarking tool. As a thread is created and tagged, the tag results are sent to the main Zoints server ( - where they will be catalogued.

    So if a user browses Zoints and a particular tag, the GTO results will show up.

    This is not only good for our search engine links, as different threads are now linked in from other network sites, but it also makes finding threads easier within the GTO forums. So please enter in (Tags) with each new thread. Tags are keywords relating to the thread. For example, if you are creating a thread on slicing then enter slicing as a Tag. Simple, and yet it helps a great deal...

    Finally, it can also help you guys to find relevant threads on GTO by selecting by tag (

    Putting in tags are optional, but if you can put in a few relevant ones for a post - it can be beneficial to all of us

    Hopefully we can all get behind this as it will help GTO grow even more