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    I have just installed the new vBulletin blog system... I can hear many of you cursing, due to another blog change... sorry

    So what's the difference with this one

    Well this one is designed by the makers of our forum software, so integrates far better than the previous blog systems.

    The software vendors also perform extensive testing of their products before any release. This means a more stable product for us to use. The last blog system caused no end of headaches for me...

    Again, apologies for the change, but I really do feel that it will benefit us in the long run.

    I will be looking into a way of moving all previous blog entries over the coming weeks.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Happy Blogging

    PS: You can get to the new blog from the same link on the navbar at the top of each gto screen.

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    Re: New VBulletin Blog System

    Should we be posting to the new system or wait till you've transferred the old entries?


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      Re: New VBulletin Blog System

      Sorry for not being clear on that bulldog... you can start posting now


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        Re: New VBulletin Blog System

        Yup, all looks good You mentioned before about the possibility of integrating the 'blog' system into the 'recent post' system - is that feasible?


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          Re: New VBulletin Blog System

          Quick feedback - all looks good. I haven't broken anything yet and the system does exactly what it says on the tin. Great stuff, Greg!