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  • A suggestion for fewer folders

    I am a long time member of the golf equipment aficionados which is the largest site on the internet and gets over 30 million hits a month I believe.

    It has been online since 1999 and has been a great site for all things golf and non golf.

    We have some international members but would welcome more.

    I am not the moderator or owner of the website so there is no benefit by me praising the GEA.

    A suggestion I have to this forum is to pare down the number of folders to general categories.

    This will make posting easier and maybe make participation increase.

    Is there a playing partners folder so that members can get together and meet?

    Also a swap shop would be good where members could buy and sell equipment on golf and non golf items.

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    Re: A suggestion for fewer folders

    Its funny you suggest less categories but ask for a new one...

    I think we have a good setup. The "Forum" link has 5 main categories:
    Clubs, Societies and Events

    Then several sub-categories under them. You should be able to find exactly what you want.

    The "Resources" section has a subcategory where you can setup for others to meet in your area. We just had the first GTO meeting last summer (Events section). It was a great success. We were looking for others to join in for the States version, but maybe next year.

    The swap-shop section would be a good addition. Good idea.
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      Re: A suggestion for fewer folders

      I agree with Greg. I think this site is dead easy to use. I followed the link to the other site mentioned and got immediately confused.