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How to Hit a Fairway Wood

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  • How to Hit a Fairway Wood

    1. Ball Position
    Set up with the golf ball just opposite the inside an imaginary line that stretches from your left heel to your left armpit. This ball position helps to create the feeling that you are setting up "behind" the ball at address and helps to promote a...

    2. Sweeping Action

    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when hitting a fairway wood from the fairway is to feel like you're picking up the club in your backswing and then hitting down on the ball through impact. In order avoid this mistake, you must get the feeling of sweeping the clubhead along the ground to create good extension in your backswing, until your natural hip and shoulder turn lifts the clubhead off the ground (instead of your arms doing the work). As you continue with your backswing, concentrate on bringing your left arm over your right shoulder.

    This motion will help you swing the club around your body, rather than bringing it straight up and down. Once you do that relax and...

    3. Let the Club's Loft do the Work!

    The shallow clubhead path that you have established in your backswing puts the club into a position where you don't have to "help" the ball into the air. The loft on the clubface will do all of that for you. Once the ball is airborne, continue to sweep the club along the ground until your body naturally lifts the clubhead into your follow-through. i.e. don't try and help the ball into the air - the loft on the clubhead will do that for you.

    Hope this helps guys... it has for me
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