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Lunge (Legs)

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  • Lunge (Legs)

    A good exercise for building up leg strength quickly.

    There is one main rule when doing any squat style exercise, that is to avoid extending your knee past your toes.

    Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, take a stride forward with one leg, bending the rear leg slightly in order to keep the back straight.

    Bring the leg back again to the starting position and repeat either on the other side, or to make the exercise harder, stay with the same leg.

    Variation of this exercise are using a step box or hand weights.

    Make sure you place your feet firmly onto the box, and check that the step box is secure.

    When using weights, you can either keep them by your sides, or do an arm exercise such as a bicep curl.

    Aim for 10 lunges each side. No box or weights.

    Aim for 10 lunges each side onto box with no weights.

    Aim for 10+ lunges each side onto box with weights.

    Tutorial provided by netfit