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How to position the left hand grip

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  • How to position the left hand grip

    The butt/heel of the left hand should be positioned on top of the golf grip. The left index finger should be slightly seperated from the middle finger (like a trigger) allowing for easier placement of the right hand.

    You should be able to lift the club off the ground with just the butt and the left index finger and the other fingers off the golf grip and be able to without the clubface changing from its original square setup if not you have likely not got it quite right.

    A good visual check is that when you look down at the left hand you should see a 'v' formed between the top of your left index finger and the left thumb. This 'v' should point somewhere between your chin and right shoulder.

    You should also see two to two and a half knuckles when looking down at the left hand from the address position...
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    Re: How to position the left hand grip

    Is this one of the new additions? If so, very cool.

    Can I ask a favour, though?

    How about some pictures of, say, the right side of the grip (show the fingernails). Or a 'down the shaft' look with the toe at 12 o'clock - then show neutral, weak, strong. How about a 'players eye view' of the grip at address - what does 2.5 knuckles really look like?

    The only reason I ask is because there's roughly 3.6 million photos of the grip, showing the left hand, face on. Let's get creative, and be in posession of the only pictures that show other angles of the left hand!



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      Re: How to position the left hand grip

      Was looking for this swing section, can't find it, is this going to be a new section.

      Also I would add you can lift the club with just finger and heel pad grip "without the face changing from original square setup".


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        Re: How to position the left hand grip

        Thanks chaps...

        It is a new feature that I am working on right now It will become a little clearer when I make the changes to the homepage of gto... but at present the new tips show up in the latest posts... confusing... sorry

        The plan is to let everyone post their golf tips, and get as much interaction, photos, descriptions etc as possible.

        I will take more of the grip for you guys and update this tip soon