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  • Left arm versus right..

    Hi all !! I think this is my first topic/post on here so i shall introduce myself.My name is Richie,2 handicapper from the south of Ireland and like many on here im sure....Obsessed with this game...

    My topic is a question i suppose to everyone on here,should i try and build up my left arm to match my right ? I was looking at the Remax long driving from 2010 and Sadlowski and that 16 year old kid that was beaten in the final were both left handed as well as right and it was said numerous times during the commentary that they practically had two right hands!! I spent 20 minutes on saturday morning just throwing a small ball against a wall and i have to say i felt almost like a child trying to throw it as i had little power/technique or direction.So i am just wondering if i should continue with this exercise and will it eventually give me more club head speed and better overall golfing technique ?

    Really looking forward to all replies.

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    Re: Left arm versus right..

    Hello and welcome to the Forum.

    I dont believe that strenghtening your arms will generate much more power, the lead arm should be used to control the club while the trail arm pushes through in the latter part of the down swing. You should consider how the larger muscles in the body help to generate rotational forces that propell the arms and how strenghtening them will assist in power creation. Take someone like Bubba Watson, he is not a muscular beefed up person but is the longest off the tee amongst tour players, he generates great clubhead speed by whipping the club through impact using the rotational forces of his body.


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      Re: Left arm versus right..

      I agree with Brian... power in the swing comes more from your hips and torso, not your arms. Exercise to increase your flexibility between lower and upper body and you should see improvement.

      The Titleist Performance Institute has a website that is filled with valuable information on how to improve your swing.. (My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) - Your Source for Golf Fitness, Exercises and Health) I talked with these guys at the PGA show in Orlando this past winter and they really know their stuff. All the best.


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        Re: Left arm versus right..

        Hi Vallens,
        I'm new too. Although have been teaching golf for over 30 years. Understanding the role of the hands will give you more distance.
        Yes the body turning acts as the "engine" for the swing. And the hands should feel as though they flail. The best way to develpoe this is to practice playing shots one handed as Henry Cotton encouraged me in 1969. When you do this, link (rather than anchor) your upper arms to your sides by holding the bottom of your bicep with the other hand. Then develope a drop and flow feeling rather than a heave and bash.
        It is the best way to understand the pull in and throw away action through impact.
        Happy to give more detail if you find this helpful.


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          Re: Left arm versus right..

          We know the fact that exercise is very good in our health and I believe the past suggestions are good. Try them out and always remember that you should execute the exercise in a proper manner.
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