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Finnish golf season 2012 has been opened

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  • Finnish golf season 2012 has been opened

    Some par3 courses have opened and Vihti golf VIHTI GOLF CENTER - LÄHIJÄSENYYS 78 opened today March 28th.

    Read the story at - uutiset Oh, sorry, that is only in Finnish!

    The photo gives a pretty realistic view on the amount of snow remaining outside the fairways, I was there.

    At least in the Finnish interpretation of the rules, anything regarding "water" is valid also for "snow" because snow is just one form of H20. I suppose this is true everywhere? Maybe some "golf lawyer" could comment?

    Luckily (even wet) snow is easier than water as you just find the ball. And it is much easier a surface than sand.

    Unfortunately the weather forecasts for the coming weekend include more snow so this was just an early taste!

    Today I heard that in Finland duffing is in theory totally forbidden because in abstract terms word "ball" can also be used for the Earth as the Finnish word for "Earth" (planet Tellus) is actually "Earthball". So you technically hit the wrong ball as soon as you duff and some rule applies immediately. I suppose those translating the rules have never gone through this semantic nüance about what word "ball" really means in Finnish. Some hardcore "golf lawyer" might comment also this serious (*) issue ...


    PS. (*) I am not deadly serious about this ....