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Who is greatest ever Jack or Tiger?

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  • Who is greatest ever Jack or Tiger?

    My response to this article written on

    If Tiger Woods wins the Masters
    this weekend, he won’t need any more major titles to supplant Jack Nicklaus as golf’s greatest player.

    What is always overlooked by you “pundits” and “experts”, when making these comparisons is bearing, manners and sportsmanship.
    Woods is a truly wonderful golfer, but he will never replace Jack, Tom Watson, Arnie and their ilk, no matter how many tournaments he wins, in the hearts of those of us who truly care about the game.
    Although not solely reponsible for the stupid boorish and unsporting behaviour of, (mainly American), so called fans, he has never done anything to discourage it and his general manner, spitting etc. is a disgrace to the game and an awful example to youngsters.
    I personally would not miss his presence if he was never seen on a golf course again.
    ps I would like to make it clear that his personal life and indiscetions have no bearing on my feelings toward him, but I have held this opinion since long before such things were made public.

    Any views?

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    Re: Who is greatest ever Jack or Tiger?

    Tiger is really the best.....


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      Re: Who is greatest ever Jack or Tiger?

      Best what?