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  • Changed Days Indeed...

    Just read a sub-headline on the BBC website sports homepage:

    "Tiger shoots 64 and puts himself into contention at Deutsche Bank...."

    Now I can remember when Tiger shooting 64 in the first round of a reasonably big tourney meant it was all over, everyone else go home, nothing to play for here except money.

    It's amazing the difference a scandal and couple of up and down seasons can make.

    Personally I think that it will be business as usual for him this week, I reckon he will play well enough to win this weekend because it's not a major.

    Tiger is clearly worried about adding to his major tally and so has been getting tight over the weekend at the Majors, we saw it at the Olympic and at Kiawah, less so at Lytham, but his last couple of rounds looked like "just" another top 25 player trying to get the job in a Major, rather than the best finisher in history taking charge.

    36 years old, no longer the darling of the media and with a new physical grumble every season it would seem, he must for the first time ever be looking at the tally of 18 majors and thinking that it might not be as easy as he thought 10 years ago.

    Add in a whole new generation who want to replace him rather than just beat him every once in a while and it's going to be a huge effort for him to make 18 and tie much less overhaul.

    Physically you have to think he only has another 5 years before the knees finally fall off and he will be too old to totally change his action and turn it into a major winning swing at that age (are you listening Padraig?).

    On top of all that, he genuinely seems to have days on the greens now that even Lee Westwood must be watching and going "damn, that's a bad miss!".

    I dont think he will make 18 majors. In fact I'm not sure he will win another one at all.

    I wish I had put that bet on the day before Yang schooled him at Hazeltine......I reckon I would have gotten 500/1 on that.