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Funny Golf Stories (Attack of the Mice!!!)

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  • Funny Golf Stories (Attack of the Mice!!!)

    OK, I hadn’t played in a while… like a couple months… my old man and I went down to the shed and found our golf clubs. My dad pulled a heap of straw out of the top of his bag (which at the time we thought was a bit strange but didn’t think too much of). We loaded the clubs in the ute, drove to the course and played a round of 18 holes walking.

    We got back to the clubhouse, sat our clubs down and then sat down for a beer. Within 2 minutes a mouse climbed out of the top of my dad’s golf bag and ran to a nearby golf cart. Another two mice followed shortly after… the three mice then came back to the golf bag and continued towards the clubhouse. Before we could get out of there the three mice had ran into the clubhouse and another two followed. The five mice were now running a muck inside the clubhouse with a lady trying to shoo them out!!!

    Without further adieu… we were outta there! We got back to the ute and managed to get another couple mice out of the bag and then pulled a nest of straw out of the bottom.

    We don’t store our clubs in the shed anymore haha

    Posts your funny golf stories so we can all have a laugh.