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Golfing Holiday 2013 Advice!!

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  • Golfing Holiday 2013 Advice!!

    Hey Guys,

    This year (2012) I have missed out on a lot of golf due to work and other commitments and I have decided to plan an annual (if my finances let me) "Golfing Holiday" starting in 2013. Obviously I would like to do a little more than golf but would love to ensure I see the best courses and meet some cool people/golfers on my trip.

    That said, I am from the Gold Coast in Australia where it is golfing season all year round which I know is not the case around the world (sorry to rub it in haha)

    I was initially thinking UK and Ireland for 2013 which as far as google tells me the best time is July/August...

    Has anyone been on a "Golfing Holiday" or could recommend somewhere different? The other scenario I was thinking was it would be cool if I organised it to coincide with a Major Tournament or Event that I could go to or something...

    Anyways, let me know your thoughts so I can make the most of it!