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  • Cobra 3100 I/H Irons

    I left some of the numbers off my ratings because I am a high handicapper and can't really 'shape' a shot yet. However, after being fitted and trying out several different clubs, the Pro at my course recommended these. I have to say that I've been very happy. I've never hit my irons better. When I'm consistent, my iron shots from the fairway are right on.

    They look good and feel great. Nice reinforcing sound with good hits too. I can immediately tell a great shot from a good shot from a poor shot by the sound. Being a high hancapper, I thought I might end up with the 3400 I/XH, but I really did much better with these. I have found them to be very forgiving. Toe and Heel shots that would have been disastrous with my old irons (cheap set from Department store) turned out to O.K. shots with these. I tried some other irons too: Cleveland CG4, and something by Titleist.

    BTW: Getting fitted was the best thing I've done. Really made a difference. Turns out everything was standard except for slightly larger grips, but I feel much more confident knowing I've got the right clubs.

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