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    Overall this driver is excellent. I picked this one up 2nd hand for 150euro from a guy who had decided to give the game up! Went to the range first time and wow is it long! Took out my old driver first, Wilson DeepRed and this driver was at least 30yds longer in carry. My bad shot with the Wilson was an open face slice which the HiBore all but eliminates. Much easier feel through the hitting area. Feels light in the hands, looks weird at first but very very easy to get used to (did I mention that is was long??!! ). I've used it out on the course now 3 times and each time playing partners have been amazed at how long and straight this driver actually is. Friends have hit a few balls at the range with it and are amazed at the results also. Highly recommended Driver, pity about the price. Only player it might not be suited to is someone who is a consistent hooker of the ball, but I'm sure there is a set up for that also.
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