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  • PowaKaddy Freeway Sport Digital

    • The limited edition 'Anthracite LE' Freeway Sport Digital has all of the normal features with the added edition of:-
      • Special 'double-spoke' wheels help give this limited edition an extra sporty look.
      • The strong, lightweight, Titanium alloy frame features a special, limited edition 'Anthracite' silver/grey colour scheme.
    • The Freeway Digital Sport trolleys are the lightest, most compact powered carts you can buy. In just seconds, with three simple actions they open or fold completely. There’s nothing to assemble or dismantle; the whole unit just clicks into position.
    • Powakaddy have sacrificed nothing for the sake of convenience. This model is made from tough, super lightweight titanium alloy, precision engineered, with a high quality drive performance.
    • The Digital Sport trolley features an Electronic Distance Function (EDF). Simply press and hold down the control knob to select the Electronic Distance Function and ‘F’ will appear on the digital display. Then push again for the required setting.
    • A digital speed controller is also included on this trolley. Simply select the speed to match your pace. The cart will remember its last setting when you stop, and travel at that speed automatically when you start off again.

    I was bought one of these for my birthday and it has had a marked effect on my golf game. I feel that I have much more energy now towards the end of my rounds...

    Get a GREAT deal on the PowaKaddy Freeway Trolley HERE
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    Re: PowaKaddy Freeway Sport Digital

    That's great golfdog... so you would advise people to go for the trolley option?


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      Re: PowaKaddy Freeway Sport Digital

      I am in my 4th season with my Sun Mountain's E-cart.
      It is simple, rugged, easy to align, no remote but has 15-30-60
      yard travel buttons, pneumatic tires which are so much quieter
      and smoother than Powakaddy's hard rubber tires, and best of all
      Sun Mountain will take care of you even after warranty expires!
      My trolley had one of the legs break due to an accident and they
      sent me a new leg no charge. The only other problem I had after
      400 rounds of golf is the sand bottle holder clip breaking and they
      sent me replacements no charge. My original battery is finally
      wearing out after yeoman service for 400+ rounds in 4 years.