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  • Callaway X Tour Original

    I tried out a set of the original Callaway X-Tours that a friend of mines was selling for a very reasonable price in June of '10. First game with them in the bag went out and shot a scratch 67 (1 under par for the course 4 under standard scratch) which is a PB for me (I can point to the score on how-did-I-do for the doubters) so obviously, I was keen from the off!

    In the cold harsh light of having not played as well since (it's still my PB) and I can say that they have been superb all along. Fitted with what I suppose must have been a factory option of Project X Satin in a 6.5 flex they are strong clubs with very good feel. The flight is much more piercing than my T-Zoid Pro II's and they are about a club and a half bigger than my Bridgestone J's Pro Weapons all the way through the bag.

    Despite all this they are very easy to use, I have a genuinely usable 3-iron again and no just off a peg, even the long irons off this set sing off the club from most lies.

    The design is generally pleasing, a nice solid look behind the ball and they have managed to make the top edge less imposing than most of their other products. The shafts themselves I cant praise enough, the first shaft I have found that controls my ball flight without making the club feel hard and harsh and choking the performance. But for all the stiffness of the shafts the clubs are still workable, soft, controlled hits like punches and fades dont splutter and fall out the air for want of clubhead speed but fly as they should, adding control.

    I even managed to convert my Dad, who picked up a set wih Flighted Project X in a 5.5 flex just before Xmas and has been very impressed by their performance thus far.

    These are the genesis of Callaways "premium player" line and yet it looks like they will probably outlast many a set of the X-Forged and perhaps even the new Prototype style models. I recommend a set of these to anyone looking for a high performance club with a combination of feel and forgiveness.

    10 out of 10 or 5 stars or whatever scoring system you care to use, these inish at the top of the list.