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Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity Irons

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  • Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity Irons

    I just ran across a great deal on these irons from a local shop here in Dallas. I went ahead and put money down on them based on reviews I have read. I have not hit them yet, and hope I have not made a mistake. Anyone with any feedback from these clubs, it would be great hearing from you.



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    Re: Bridgestone J36 Pocket Cavity Irons

    After a few range sessions, and a quick nine holes, I have to say these are the best clubs I have hit to date. I love the shafts, Project X 6.0. The irons have almost no offset, very workable. And they are very good looking clubs as well, I cant stop looking at them, and taking practice swings with them in the living room when my wife isn't looking. I would highly recommend these clubs if you ever run across a set.

    The long irons ( 4 & 5 ) in the set really get the ball up into the air, and land it soft. I was hitting my 4 iron consistently 210 yards today, something I could never even imagine with my ICW 11 Taylor Made Irons.