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    I just ordered in a set of Ping S56 irons after trying out several different brands last weekend. I have used Mizuno blades the last 5 years which have been great, but don't offer that forgiveness that a lot of the newer irons do today.

    I was so impressed with the Pings. Excellent forgiveness with a larger sweet spot, yet with the look and feel of a blade iron that I am used to. There was an increase in distance as well and the feeling off the clubface was superb.

    A little bit expensive for my liking at around $150 per club but hopefully well worth the cost.

    I'd recommend trying some out today especially for the player in the 0 - 15 handicap range.

    Here's a picture Ping S56 Irons - Independent Golf Reviews.

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    Re: Ping S56 Irons

    Yes they certainly are a beautiful club and I did give them a good look,,,I'm heading for my Ping fitting next week. I've spent a great deal of time researching golf clubs ( irons ) and I've always wanted Pings and reviews regarding their fitting process takes top spot.
    My buddy bought the new G20's when they first arrive late last summer, lovely club and he opted for the new Ping steel shaft.
    His opinion ( quote ) " best move I have ever made in forty years of golf " he will tell anyone who will listen that his new irons have taken 4-5 shots on average off his 18 hole score.
    I play off a nine handicap, I'm a senior golfer and I don't know if the S56 would be the right iron for me in particular, I think the G20 or the i15's may be more suited for my game but we shall see.
    By the way a set of Ping irons ( 4-utility wedge ) the G20's with steel shafts sell for $ 749.00 ( Can. ) am I right in presuming that the price you mentioned ( $ 150.00 per club ) is Australian dollars ?