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  • Cleveland HB hybrid irons

    As you probably know, if have read my earlier posts, I have been inconsistant with my irons from day one. And I think I have found the solution!

    I went to the driving range today and after my usual 100 balls, I came back into the club house and had a chat with my local pro'. He suggested I should try the Cleveland Hybrids as I love my 3i hybrid so much.

    I used the 7 iron and at first wasn't too sure, I was hitting it straight but still only getting about 130 meters. Then I slowed my swing down and WOW!!!

    I started hitting them further and further, I couldn't miss! I was getting over 145 meters + and dead straight (which I only usually get with my 5 iron). I was so amazed. I haven't hit a 7 iron so far and smoothly since I slipped a disc some 13 years ago!!!

    For a high handicapper, beginner or and old guy with a dodgie back these are the bees knees. I'm saving up hard to get a this space.