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  • mizuno mp 60 reviews

    these are without a doubt the nicest irons I have ever played. (36years)
    they feel the right weight, balance look great and peform at every level you wish them to. Not cheap, but i realize that I won't be getting any new irons anytime soon.....just my .02 worth.....

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    Re: mizuno mp 60 reviews

    I haven't played blades, but I'm willing to accept that blades are even easier to shape shots with, hence I'll "only" give these clubs a 9 in shotshaping.

    I do, however, find it quite easy to hit controlled fades or draws compared to the other cavity back - or perhaps more like "game improvement" irons I have tried out.

    The feel is amazing. Total butter on sweet spot hits, and awesome feedback on off-center hits. There is quite a loss of distance when hitting off-center though, but I suppose that is to be expected.

    My irons have Dynamic Gold R300 shafts and ball flight is high with a fair amount of spin. I can stop 7-irons dead on the spot, which makes for effective approach shots.

    The irons are completely beatiful to look at, but tend to get little dents from banging against each other during transportation. Iron covers might be a good idea.

    Overall, getting these irons have been the best thing I've done for my game since taking up golf.


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      Re: mizuno mp 60 reviews

      Cant vouch for these myself, but a fellow player recently purchased these and had them fitted and is loving them!

      Says he is constantly playing below his handicap just now.


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        I use the earlier model of the Mizuno MP blades and they are awesome. Like any blades you have to hit them centre for the iron to do its job. But when you do they really feel fantastic. They go further than any other iron I have played before.

        Will definately upgrade to the newer version when the time is right.



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          Re: Brilliant

          I bought a set of these in 2005, went the whole hog and got fitted as well. As the username may give away, I have a soft spot for Mizuno products, but these were one of their more disappointing offerings. They had all the feel of my old MP33's but unfortunately they also seem to have the susceptibility to corrosion that my old TP-9's had. As with recent Mizuno models, these came with the truly hateful V-55 grips as standard, which were soon binned in favour of a nice set of Decades. I cant complain with the performance of the clubs but they were easily a club short of most of my peer group who were using (for example) Titleist 762's, Taylor Made RAC TP Combos, Callaway X-14's, Ping ISI's in a way I hadn't been lacking with my MP-33's or T-Zoid Pro II's.

          At the time of writing they were my last Mizuno Iron purchase. Mainly because by the start of the 2007 season they were well worn in the face and the leading edge of the shorter irons was through to the steel. Now I play an awful lot of Golf but I have had a set of Mizuno Pro MS-3's since around 1988 and besides the extra rattle crash on the heads the chrome itself was in no worse shape than a club which was at least 20 years younger. And compared to my Bridgestone J's (a 1992 vintage as far as I recall) which are almost as they came out the wrappers, they fare very badly.

          In general my opinion is positive on these clubs as far as design and look is concerned, I just wish they had been better finished and performed a little better, something I never expected to say about Mizuno irons.