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How to post a video of your golf swing

Posting a video of your golf swing is easier than you think. Most video cameras these days come with software (on a CD that comes with the video camera) that will allow you to transfer your video footage o your PC. When you transfer this video to your PC you normally have the option to save it in various formats such as:


Either of these two formats will work here at GTO.

There is also often a compression setting as well that will allow you to reduce the size and quality of the video that you are saving to your PC. Try and keep the video clip of your golf swing under 2 Mb, preferably under 1Mb :)

If you do not have any software CD's with your video camera connect the video camera to your PC anyway. Most video cameras either connect to a PC with either a firewire cable or a USB cable, see you camera manual for compatibility. Invariably the PC will have some default video editing software on it and thsi will normally be activated when your video camera is detected.

I have provided some links below that will help with understanding video compression, formats etc.

Good Luck

Greg Hutton
Head P.G.A. Professional

Video codecs (compression software)
Video compression
Convert between video formats