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Tiger Woods' Club Specifications


Here what's in Tiger's Bag for 2012

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Driver: Nike VR Tour 8.5 degree (Graphite Design DI 6X)

Fairway: Nike VR Pro Limited Edition 3-wood/15-degree and 5-wood/19-degree (Mitsubishi Diamana BB 103x)

Irons: Nike VR Pro Blades 3-PW (True Temper Dynamic Gold X100)

Wedges: Nike VR Pro 56 and 60 degree (True Temper Dynamic Gold S400)

Putter: Nike Method 001

Ball: Nike ONE Tour D

FACT: Tiger occasionally swaps out his VR Pro 5-wood and puts into play a VR_S Forged 3-iron (Australian Open), bent to perform like a 2-iron.






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Tiger's Driver
Nike Dymo VR Tour 9.5

Fairway Woods
Nike SQ II 3 Wood (13 degrees)
*Could be 13 or 15
Nike SQ II 5 Wood (19 degrees)
*Tiger will put his 5 Wood or 2 Iron in the bag depending upon the course setup and conditions

Nike VR TW Blades (2-PW)
*All irons are 1 degree upright, have D4 swingweight, standard-size Tour Velvet grips and True Temper Dynamic Gold X-100 shafts

Nike 56 degree VR SW
Nike 60 degree VR LW

Scotty Cameron by Titleist Studio Stainless Newport 2 putter (standard loft and lie, 35 inches long)

One Tour

Golf Gloves
Nike Dri-FIT Tour glove

Golf Shoes
Nike Air Zoom TW 2010


Some consider Woods to be using Miura forged irons hand crafted by the legendary Katsuhiro Miura himself and then stamped with the logo of his sponsor. Tiger Woods, the world's top-ranked golfer, who is paid about $20 million a year to endorse Nike equipment, said at a news conference last month that he never has used Miura clubs or met Miura himself. Beth Gast, a spokeswoman for Nike Inc.'s golf division, said in an e-mail that Miura never has made clubs for the Beaverton, Oregon-based company.

Miura said in an e-mail that he has made wedges for Nike, and his company's Web site says that in the late 1990s he forged irons for Woods under the Titleist name, then a Woods sponsor.

Miura, who won't comment directly about Woods, made 500 sets of limited-edition Tiger Woods Titleist models exclusively for the Japanese market in the late 1990s, Holowaty said.


Circa 2001

Tiger Woods' club specifications are some of the hardest things to find on earth, although we have managed to put together a list of all the clubs in Tigers bag and their respective specifications. You wont find these specs in greater detail anywhere.


Driver: Titleist 975D

Tiger continues to use his bore-through Titleist 975D driver, the same kind sold in golf shops.
Loft: 7.5 degrees loft
Shaft: Dynamic Gold X 100 (tipped one inch)
Length: 43 1/2"
Grip: Tour Velvet (.58 round) upside down
Swingweight: D4

3 Wood: Titleist PT 15

The swingweight of Tiger's new 3-wood is D4, the same as the old one. He
swings an untipped X-100 Dynamic Gold steel shaft.

Loft: 15 degrees
Shaft: Dynamic Gold X 100 (untipped)
Length: 42 1/2"
Swingweight: D4

Irons (2-PW): Titleist Tour Forgings (681)

These irons were specially made for Tiger by Titleist. Tiger previously used a mixed set of Mizuno blades, Titleist made these clubs especially for Tiger and they were modeled on the Mizuno MP-14's and MP-29's. When arranging his contract with Titleist, he stipulated that he would sign if they could make a set identical to the Mizunos he was using. They obliged, and a very lucrative contract was formed for both parties.
Believe it or not Tiger's irons are actually weak in loft compared to other tournament players clubs, so don't believe any rubbish about him using de-lofted clubs to hit his irons so far.

The irons feature taper tip X-100 shafts tipped 1/4" and a D4 swingweight. Their length is graduated down in half-inch increments from a 39-inch 2-iron - 2-iron: 21 degrees loft/60 degrees lie (for most clubmakers, this is about one degree upright); 3-iron: 24 degrees loft/61 degrees lie; 4-iron: 27/62; 5-iron: 30/63; 6-iron: 33/63.5; 7-iron: 37/64; 8-iron: 41/64.5; 9-iron: 45/65; pitching wedge: 50/65.

Lofts: All irons 2 degrees weak (2 iron is 21 degrees)
Shaft: Dynamic Gold X 100 (tipped 1/4")
Lie: 1 degree upright
Swingweight: D4


His two sand wedges are a Vokey 258-08 (translation: 58 degrees loft with 8 degrees of bounce on the sole), and a Vokey 260-06 (translation: 60 degrees loft with 6 degrees of bounce). However, the 58-degree sand wedge is bent to 56 degrees, which not only reduces the loft but also reduces the bounce to 6 degrees.

This means that each of his sand wedges has 6 degrees of bounce - less than the amount preferred by most touring pros. He uses S-400 shafts in both Vokey wedges.

Titleist Vokey (258-08)

Loft: 56 degrees (58 degree wedge bent to 56 degrees)
Shaft: Dynamic Gold S 400

Titleist Vokey (260-06)

Loft: 60 degrees
Shaft: Dynamic Gold S 400


Scotty Cameron by Titleist
Tiger's putter is a one-of-a-kind Scotty Cameron. Using Titleist calculations, it is 35.25 inches long and has 4 degrees of loft.

The priceless Red Dot Cameron prototype is not available on the market. Scotty Cameron made ONLY 2 of those putters for
Tiger to use and Tiger has both of them.They were modeled closely to the Ping Anser 2 putter he used before.


Nike Precision Tour Accuracy.

There is a rumor that the ball Tiger uses closely resembles a ball made by precept, rather than the one available on the market.


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips

Most touring pros play with round grips, as opposed to grips with a rib down the back. Tiger is no exception, using 58 round (the designated measurement) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. They are installed over a single wrap of tape.


Tigers Club Technician:

Only one person assembles Tigers clubs - the meticulous Larry Bobka, who along with acclaimed designer Terry McCabe, is credited with developing the Titleist Forged 681 irons used by Tiger. After turning pro in August 1996, Woods experimented with several versions of the 681 before switching from his Mizuno blades to the Titleist iron late in 1997.

Davis Love III often plays this iron, and Greg Norman has recently been seen with a set. If you are wondering if Titleist will introduce a line of forged irons to join the many investment cast models of the successful DCI series, the answer is . . . maybe. There are persistent rumors that Titleist will unveil the 681 for consumer use in 2001.

Every club in Tigers bag is from Titleist.

"Tiger is very particular about his equipment and knows exactly what works best," says Chris McGinley, Titleist's vice president of marketing. "However, he has a keen eye and asks a lot of questions about what other players are using and why."

The Titleist 681 and the Mizuno blades previously used by Tiger have many similarities, but this is true of most muscle-back forgings available today. Titleist purchased Golfcraft in 1969 and shortly after began selling forged irons. The first Titleist forged irons were the Golfcraft Continental model with Titleist stamped on them. This led to the Titleist Tour, a model that appeared in several variations from the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s.


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