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  • Moe Norman Natural Hold

    Moe Norman Natural Hold

    It must be noted that this is latter day Moe, under the sponsorship of Natural Golf... hence the baseball grip due to the extra extra thick grips that Natural Golf promoted on their clubs.

    Moe in his prime with his own set-up clubs used the vardon (overlap grip)....
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  • How to Grip a Golf Club

    How to Grip a Golf Club

    The Golf Grip The grip is one of the, if not the most important fundamentals in the set-up to the ball. After all the hands are the only part of the body that have contact with the club. Assuming you are a right handed player, it is the left hand that is placed at the top end of the club. The positioning of this hand is crucial for a good golf grip. The club shaft runs from the middle joint of the left index finger diagonally across the palm of the hand and is supported by the heel pad being in position on the top of the grip. The Left Hand thumb is then placed down just right of center on the Grip. The Left Hand Grip is shown in Photo 1 below. Photo 1 ...
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