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  • Sit Ups (abdominals)

    Sit Ups (abdominals)

    The most common form of abdominal exercise performed to help develop stronger firmer abdominals.

    Remember to read the notes on abdominal techniques for extra guidelines.

    Place your feet in tight towards your bottom, or rest them on a bench, to isolate your abdominals.

    With your hands locked behind your head, keeping your chin off your chest, come up to an angle no more than 30 degrees.

    You should commence the exercise with your shoulders and aim to keep the elbows out by your sides.

    Stop immediately if you feel any pain.

    Aim for...
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  • Rotational Ab Exercises For More Power

    Rotational Ab Exercises For More Power

    I'm always surprised when I see golfers in the gym doing basic, "non" golf exercises, typically with machines. This is not the correct approach if you want more power, distance and consistency. One quick tip for more power is incorporating rotational exercises for your core. If you're a golfer, there is no need to do standard crunches, when your golf swing is rotational. The more effective approach is to add a twist to any ab exercise you do, whether it's in the gym or at your home. One simple core exercise I like and do nearly daily in my go...
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