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  • Single Leg Curl (Hamstrings)

    Single Leg Curl (Hamstrings)

    This is a good exercise to develop your hamstring muscles, without any equipment.

    Support yourself up resting one knee and foot on the floor and both hands slighter wider than shoulder width apart, palms facing forward.

    Keeping one leg off the floor, at about shoulder height, bend at the knee bringing your foot up towards your head.

    Throughout the exercise aim to keep your back straight, and look down towards the floor at all times.

    Repeat on both sides.

    Aim for 10/12 curls each leg, repeated twice

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  • Ball Position

    Ball Position

    Where the ball is positioned is always a debated subject in Teaching Golf. With some teachers saying the ball should remain just inside the left heel with every club and others saying that the ball position changes. I believe there is no right or wrong way, it is whatever way feels more comfortable to the individual. I am going to explain both of these theories and let you decide which one suits you best.

    Method 1 With this method the ball position remains the same with every club. The ball is positioned opposite the inside of the left heel and the width of the feet is adjusted for every c
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  • Moe Norman Natural Hold

    Moe Norman Natural Hold

    It must be noted that this is latter day Moe, under the sponsorship of Natural Golf... hence the baseball grip due to the extra extra thick grips that Natural Golf promoted on their clubs.

    Moe in his prime with his own set-up clubs used the vardon (overlap grip)....
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  • Posture


    The posture, as with the grip, is crucial as it maintains the correct angle of the spine on the backswing and throughswing and in turn controls your swing plane. If this is not performed correctly you could injure your back.

    The idea of the posture is to find a position which will not only keep you well balanced but will be one which allows you to generate a good solid swing around your body. The Posture also determines how far you stand from the ball.
    There is a brilliant Practice that you can use to obtain this Position and I will explain that to you now.

    First of all get the correct grip...
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