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  • trajectory
    started a topic Putter Face Square

    Putter Face Square

    Hi all,

    does anyone know of any good tips to keep the putter square through impact I seem to be pushing a lot of putts lately...

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  • Joe1102
    started a topic Reading Putts

    Reading Putts

    Hello I am wondering about reaing greens and factors that play a key roll in putts moving certain ways. How do the pros seem to read greens with such ease, in which majority of their putts have a chance of going in? I have a good putting stroke and it has held up under pressure in tournaments so I feel...
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  • trajectory
    started a topic Rife Two Bar Mallet Tour Putter

    Rife Two Bar Mallet Tour Putter

    Rife have two new additions to their highly successful Hybrid line. The Tour Mallet is inspired from the input of several tour players. The Tour Mallet's most obvious features are a plumber neck hosel and a black finish. The bars have been shortened to allow for the extra weight of the hosel and the head is slightly mo...
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